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Friday, August 22, 2014

What Measures Need To Be Done When Mac Won’t Open - Pages Error 1712

MAC OS is the operating system followed by tech savvy folks at all corners worldwide. In IT there is a great number of users who follow the MAC operating system for running their computer. The data storage location for MAC operating system under distinct email clients will be differ. The location for data store can alter according to an individual’s choice. Confronting an error with an email client, whether it is at Windows platform or MAC platform is quite common scenario.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Expert Guidance To Resolve ‘Your Database Could Not Be Rebuilt’ Error

Mac 2011 Outlook is similar to MS Outlook for Windows and is widely used amongst most of the technical users. Although, integrated set of features and unmatched functionalities Mac Outlook is not safe from corruption issues. This guide will explain you one very common issue encountered by users while starting Outlook on Mac. Sometimes, Outlook 2011 for Mac users find error message like “Your database could not be rebuilt” while starting Outlook. It opens for a while and closes on its own after sometime along with this error.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Know The Major Causes To Switch From Mac To Windows Environment & Next What!

There is often a debate online as to which one between the two is a better operating system; Apple’s Mac or Microsoft’s Windows. The conclusion of the argument can never be reached because it all depends on user’s needs and requirements. Thereby there are two sections of users divided on the use of OS, one those who use Windows and the other who use Mac. But I personally believe that there are some major causes to switch from Mac to Windows environment. Though this blog of mine does not intend to divert users mind for not using Mac, I am sure that at the end users would themselves opt to go for Windows OS. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Common Issues Relating to Outlook OLM

In general, we usually get to notice a number of problems occurring to our mail files or with the email applications on which we functions although it’s somewhat dissimilar with the email applications that are extensively used. In view of Outlook, in specific Outlook 2011 as known as Outlook for Mac has a few common issues that we will bring in light. Now coming back to Mac Outlook 2011 it stores the user data in an OLM file which gets produced by Outlook 2011 in the form of archive.olm file originally. The recent edition of Mac OS X namely is Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks it certainly has features that gives it an improved performance along with drawbacks. The fact is Outlook doesn’t jell that well with this version of Mac OS besides at times it gives you real hard time through making your own valuable data inaccessible.